Dr. Robert Sutton Safety Ltd

Environmental Services

Dr. Robert Sutton Safety Ltd is one of the leading licensed waste management companies based within the Essex area. We pride ourselves on offering a hassle free and environmentally friendly waste management service that just can't be beat.

Here at Dr. Robert Sutton Safety Ltd we pride ourselves on providing the most current advice with regards to the Environmental Protection Act (1990), COSHH regulations and noise, dust and vibration regulations, ensuring that all relevant clients are up to speed with the latest information, which will help projects progess in an environmentally manner.

Waste Stream Management

Our expert services can provide waste stream management at all levels from initial conception to recycling and reuse.
If you're a small builder and you want to be complaint with waste stream management and fed up with paying extortionate skip prices, not sure where your waste is ending up and don't know whether there will be further issues with the environmental agency, we can deliver site waste and a mini waste management plan, or we can collect, dispose and detail dispose for you all in compliance waste management regulations.